Manuel A. López

Manuel A. López, DoveTales, an International Journal of the Arts, "Occupied" 2013 ContributorManuel A. López (Manny) is a Cuban American poet, writer, and cultural promoter. He came to the USA as a ten year old during the Mariel Boatlift with his parents and siblings. His poetry in Spanish has been published in various magazines, such as Arique, Baquiana, Contratiempo, Linden Lane, LaFanzine, La Peregrina and Ventana Abierta.  His first poetry book was published in 2011, titled “Yo, el arquero aquel” by Editorial Velámenes. In 2012, a short story digital book titled, “Room at the Top” was published by TheWrightDeal, and a new edition will be printed this year by Eriginal Books.  He can be contacted via email at and via his blog at

Due to a Writing for Peace error, Manuel A. López’s poetry will appear only in the e-book version and reprints of our 2013 DoveTales. We deeply apologize for the oversight.


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