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DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts “Nature”

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Release Date: May 1st, 2015

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Page Count: 398 pages

Book Description:

DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts, “Nature” edition features poetry, essays, and short stories from our 2014 Young Contest Winners, as well as established and emerging writers, and strikingly beautiful color art and photography.

Featured Adviser: Lorraine Currelley

Lorraine Currelley is a Poet, Writer, Pearls of Wisdom Storyteller, Executive Director for Poets Network & Exchange, Collagist, and Mental Health Counselor. She’s widely anthologized and a recipient of numerous awards, including the 2015 New York Public Library Arts for A Lifetime Grant, BinderCon Scholar Grants for 2014 and 2015, and a 2013 and 2014 TWH residency. She’s a Board Member for Pen To Mind Books & Child Development Concepts and Blind Beggar Press, a Bronx Book Fair Committee Member and Writing for Peace Adviser. She and her exchange were featured in Poets & Writers 2015 Cross Cultural reading and in AWP’s June 2015 member Spotlight.

Contributors include:

Jordi Alonso, Pilar Rodríguez Aranda, Jasmine V. Bailey, Pratima Annapurna Balabhadrapathruni, Danny P. Barbare , Zeina Hashem Beck , Sarina Bosco, Elena Botts, Bredt Bredthauer, Lauren Camp, Hélène Cardona ,Ariella Carmell ,Mary Carroll-Hackett ,William Cass ,Yuan Changming ,Jennifer Clark ,Edward D. Currelley, Lorraine Currelley, Darlene P. Campos, Maija Rhee Devine (이매자), Virginia Bach Folger, Stuart Friebert, Eve Gaal, Kelle Grace Gaddis, Frederick Glaysher, Sharon Goodier, Ben Gunsberg, Sam Hamill, William Haywood Henderson, Jane Hertenstein, Don Hogle, Qumyka Rasheeda Howell, Elizabeth Hoyle, A.J. Huffman, Lauren Kessler, Ross Knapp, Page Lambert, Charles Leggett, Vicki Lindner, Cory Lockhart, Shannon K. Lockhart, John C. Mannone, Mark Mansfield, Jeremy Nathan Marks, Kevin Patrick McCarthy, Sandra McGarry, Dean K. Miller, Mark J. Mitchell, Roseville Nidea, Stephanie Noble, Barry W. North, Cheryl Pearson, Adrienne Pine, Jeannine Pitas, Jessica Placinto, David S. Pointer, Laura Pritchett, Claudia Putnam, Lisa Rizzo, Nicholas Alexander Roos, Sy Roth, Elizabeth Schultz, Tshombe Sekou, Alan Semrow, Annette Marie Smith, Patty Somlo, Howard F. Stein, Fred Tarr, Samantha Terrell, Jari Thymian, Debra Lynn Turner, Smriti Verma, Wang Ping, Jing M. Wang, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Laura Grace Weldon

Art and Photography by

Chrystal Berche, Sylvia Freeman, Kevin Houchin, Paula Dawn Lietz, Carl Scharwath, Christopher Woods

Plus 2014 Young Writers Contest Winners:

Fiction: Angela Yoon, 1st; Jiace Cai, 2nd; Cassidy Cole, 3rd

Nonfiction: Ben Gershenfeld, 1st; Evan Kielmeyer, 2nd; Yen Nguyen, 3rd

Poetry: Dashiell Yeatts-Lonske, 1st; Matthew Rice, 2nd; John Vernaglia, 3rd

Editor-in-Chief: Carmel Mawle

Associate Editors: Craig Mawle, Phillip M. Richards, Willean Denton Hornbeck, Le Hornbeck, Michelle Catherine

Contributing Editor: Andrea W. Doray

Sponsored by Colgate University Research Council

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