2013 Poetry, First Place

“Day of the Draft—1940” by Anonymous, age 14

Orlando, Florida, USA

Trace Academy, grade 8

Anonymous just graduated from 8th grade at Trace Academy in Orlando, FL and is entering 9th grade at Timber Creek High School. In addition to writing poetry, she has published a novel titled “When the Garden Wilts”.

She also enjoys playing the piano and violin, composing music, and running cross country. She taught herself how to read Italian and was inspired to write “Day of the Draft” while reading “L’Enorme Tempo”, an Italian novel about the small Sicilian town Mineo.

Our Judge Says:

A wonderfully engaging poem, with well-portrayed historical detail. I think the poem wonderfully captures the sense of impending change—the severe winds of change, and yet, there is a brief lull, and I love that that is where the poem ends. The poem is one I kept going back to, and finding something new each time. Well done!

~ Michael J. Henry
Young Writers Poetry Contest Judge

2014 Progress Report~

Since I wrote my poem, I entered high school and got a chance to explore a wide variety of the arts, and learn more about foreign culture in some of my classes.

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