Janani Venkatesh

Janani Venkatesh, 2013 Nonfiction, 2nd Place2013 Nonfiction, Second Place

“Unheard Voices of the Rain Forest”

2013 Poetry, Third Place

“In the Land of the Rising Sun”

by Janani Venkatesh, age 19

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Graduate of P.S Senior Secondary School

If anyone asks me what the first story I ever wrote was, I would not be able to reply for I’ve been writing since as long back as I can remember. I write for fun; I write to express my emotions; I write to connect with the world; I write about the world I live in and, about the worlds I have created. Science fascinates me, philosophy interests me, spirituality intrigues me, people amaze me and nature humbles me. I want to experience as much as I can and share it with the world through my writing, while constantly evolving as a writer and as a person. When I came across the Writing for Peace contest on the internet, I knew that it was one I had to take part in; it felt like the perfect platform through which I could understand the world a little better, and I was right! I learned so many wonderful, bewildering and shocking things about the world during my research and they helped open my eyes a little more to the melancholic beauty of the world we live in, and I am extremely grateful for that. I hope that in the future too, my writing helps me connect with more and more people from around the globe.

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