Cassidy Cole

Cassidy Cole small2014 Fiction, Third Place

“Face Me” by Cassidy Cole

Denver, Colorado, United States

Girls Athletic Leadership School, Grade 8

Cassidy Cole, born and raised in Denver, Colorado, is in the 8th grade at the Girls Athletic Leadership School. English has always been her favorite subject. She loves the idea of creating her own worlds or using her language to change the world. She often wonders what life is like in the shoes and eyes of another. She is a dancer, a writer, a thinker, and a yogi. She daydreams about traveling around the world and scribbling out words upon words. She uses her empathy as a compass, wishing to understand a bewildering world. She believes that injustice needs to be seen by the outside and that a thirst for justice should live within each and every one of us. She believes everyone deserves a face, a face not and never formed by another.

2015 Progress Report:

Writing has always served as a way to breathe for me; I need it to survive and enjoy the deep ones. Writing helps me think about the hard things, the happy things, and the murky things.

I have always valued the importance of one’s story, and I believe full-heartedly that writing is key to one’s story: the act of writing it, discovering it, and preserving it.

This year, as many years before, poetry has been a habit to my everyday life. Poetry is “my everything.” It is something I cannot live without. Poetry has made me see the world in a brighter light, feel the world as if it runs through my veins like blood, hear the world with a more critical ear, and taste the world with more sensitive taste buds. Spoken word poetry is also a big part of “my writing life” this year – not only do I get to write my story through poetic prose, but I also get to tell it.

Memoir writing is also something of great prominence this year personally. Writing about my own life is a very therapeutic process for me and always has been; it has proven to be vital to my survival. In a unit in my American Literature class about memoir writing, where I composed a story “Somewhere Over That Rainbow, My Little One Dances” about an unforgettable summer camp experience. I also journal often, which I consider to be memoir writing because it is a great challenge for me to write without even a touch of creativity, so those journal entries always end up into little memoirs here and there J.

Writing will always be apart of life, for I see myself making a future out of. The saying, “Live the life you love, love the life you live” is something that speaks to me and is my goal for my future, which is now screaming writing and I believe will never stop. I will never stop writing, for its like breathing to me, and one must always breathe.

What “writing for peace” means to me:

[Writing for Peace Mission Statement – Also Known as the Passageway to World Peace:]

An organization dedicated to cultivating empathy through education and creative writing in order to develop a foundation of compassion on which to build a more peaceful world.

See, the thing about this statement is that it, indeed, could solve all the solution-less problems and change the world drastically to something incredible, wonderful, and beautiful.

Writing for Peace and all that it stands for is what this world needs in the light of peace, happiness, equality, and a more desirable place. Just the pure existence of an organization that aims to create compassion and peace through creative writing gives me easeful thoughts for our future. Writing for Peace gives me hope and I am utterly inspired by its vision and what the organization does. This organization is the light of not only what lays on the other side, but the light that guides all us writers there.


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