John Vernaglia

John Vernaglia small2014 Poetry, Third Place

“Shalom, Salaam”
by John Vernaglia, Age 14

Medford, Massachusetts, USA

Cambridge Friends School, Grade 8

John Vernaglia lives outside Boston, Massachusetts. He is an incoming freshman (Class of 2018) at Concord Academy, Concord, Massachusetts. John was inspired to write “Shalom, Salaam” by his experiences at Kids4Peace, an interfaith youth group that brings together children from Israel/Palestine and the United States to educate and inspire Jewish, Christian, and Muslim kids to be peace leaders.

He is also on the Advisory Board for Creative Kids magazine, where he has published a number of poems and book reviews. John’s poetry has been recognized in a variety of regional, national and international refereed contests, resulting in more than 25 publications and awards. Outside of reading and writing, John enjoys playing sports with his friends including: baseball, soccer, basketball, and golf. He is an avid Red Sox fan.

2015 Progress Report:

This year, I tried my hand at co-authoring an historical fiction as well as experimenting with different styles and themes of poetry. My poems have taken a more personal focus, ranging from issues around my grandmother’s illness to being a teenager and starting high school. In the future, I plan to continue writing and using this art form as a mechanism for spreading messages of peace.

Thank you for this opportunity.


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