2015 Contest Guidelines

2015 Young Writers Contest Judges2015 Young Writers Contest Guidelines

  • Deadline for submission is March 1st, 2015 at midnight (Mountain Time).
  • There is no fee for participation.
  • Writers, ages 13-19, may submit in one of three categories – poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. Ages are counted from the entry date, and entrants are required to show proof of age, but those images are never shared publicly.
  • Winners and published finalists will be asked to submit an author’s photograph and biography. We encourage you to explore the winners’ pages on the site to see the type of information and pictures the authors share.
  • The contest is open internationally, but all submissions must be written in English and submitted with the completed form. Both American and British English are accepted.
  • All participants, and their teacher/mentor will receive a certificate of participation. Certificates will be mailed by April 1st.

In all divisions your work should attempt to:

  • Show day to day life.
  • Show family relations and friendships.
  • Show outside forces at work (ie. weather, government/politics, social pressures, etc.)
  • Avoid stereotypes and generalizations.  Dig beneath the surface to explore common humanity and universal themes.

All submissions (even fiction) should be about a real country or culture, although it could be a country that no longer exists. For example, you could choose to write a period piece that takes place between 1918 and 1992 about Czechoslovakia, or a fiction piece about Anatolia that takes place during the 13th century. The challenge is to research the pressures faced by your characters so that you are able to convey their point of view convincingly.

While there are different cultures within the man-made borders of our countries, and there is value in exploring those differences, the purpose of this challenge is to stretch as a writer and develop the empathy that not only leads to powerful writing, but a greater understanding and compassion between peoples. If you feel strongly that researching a culture within your borders would be a stretch for you, and beneficial to your writing development, then we will allow it. But be sure to give a thorough explanation of your decision.

Fiction Division:

Submit an original unpublished short story of 800-1000 words in the voice of a character from another country or culture. You are free to choose the genre.

Poetry Division:

Submit one poem of no more than 100 lines in the voice of a character from another country or culture.

Nonfiction Division:

Write an 800-1000 word essay about a social, political, environmental, or familial challenge faced by individuals within a cultural group, or a personal experience with another culture.


First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry categories. Announcements will be made on May 1st on the Writing for Peace Blog. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive email posts and updates.

  • First place winners will receive $50.
  • Second  place winners will receive $25.
  • Third place winners will receive $10.
  • All winners will be published in DoveTales Literary journal, a publication of Writing for Peace, and will receive one hard copy of DoveTales.
  • The author will retain copyright of the literary work with the understanding that Writing for Peace may publish in DoveTales, in an ebook, and or republish at a later date in a printed anthology.
  • Finalists may be eligible for online publication in our Writing for Peace blog.
  • Winners and finalists maintain all rights to their work, but grant Writing for Peace the right to publish work in both hard copy and ebook. Should the piece be re-published later, we would be grateful for a mention.

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