David Gorodetsky

David Gorodetsky2018 Nonfiction, Third Place

“Bleached Flour in Unbleached Hands,”  David Gorodetsky

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Charles Best Secondary School

Grade 12

About David Gorodetsky:

I am a young writer from British Columbia, Canada with a keen interest in writing fiction. I am also a multi media artist, working in digital media like animation as well as traditional mediums such as painting and illustration. What drew me to Writing for Peace was the chance to explore a new genre of explorative writing and fiction, as well as express a story that I felt important to myself and those around me because of the experiences of those I know who have gone through such trials. The goal of the work is not to try to render my perspective as completely authentic, I don’t try to pretend to understand the full complexity of someone who is of another background than me, but instead to try to connect to another’s voice and allow for it to be a window into a sometimes quieted subject. I hope that readers will be urged to go on and look further into the topic of racial prejudice and the lived experiences of people of colour. Upon doing research for this project, I can surely say that there are many pieces of fascinating literature, reports and biographies that can give insight into anyone’s identity regardless of race or background, and help position someone with a sense of self in the world. I think that it is key to understanding the obstacles our society has created for some, and the privilege for others, to be able to break down boundaries.

From 2018 Young Writers Contest Fiction Judge Djelloul Marbrook:

“I have chosen “Bleached Flour in Unbleached Hands” for its unblinking contemporaneity. This is a story of our zeitgeist, addressing the issues of belonging and not belonging, of identity and its horrific consequence, of identity politics and its cruelty. It offers exquisite insights into the feelings of a Franco-Arab girl, choosing to be plainspoken so as to be telling. It describes a particular culture and its failings. But most of all, it tells us what’s it’s like to be unwelcome in one’s own country. It is in fact the story of millions of fellow humans perceived as different in the only culture they’ve known, a terrible dilemma redolent of America’s own Dreamers.”

David Gorodetsky’s winning story will be featured in our 2018 edition of DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts.

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