Sally Liu

Sally Liu2018 Nonfiction, Second Place

“Where Do You Come from?” by Sally Liu

Holzheim, Bayern, Germany

Albert-Einstein grammar school in Ulm, Germany

Grade 11

Sally Liu lives, writes, reads, sings and runs in Germany.

She can hardly think of a time when she had not been fascinated by novels, stories, poems… (or just about anything that involves reading and writing). Still, it wasn’t until one year ago that she truly developed a passion for poetry and short stories which she now considers to be some of the best ways to express one’s innermost thoughts.

There are many things in life that Sally feels passionate about, including playing the piano, singing, running, spending time with friends, knitting and crocheting, or simply being outside daydreaming. Sometimes it is the smallest things that serve as her biggest inspiration: sunsets, nature, a beautiful song, a profound aphorism, a colourful experience or simply a heartfelt smile. At other times, she encases with her words experiences and memories that she wants to perpetuate and raise awareness of.

Writing For Peace, which she found out about by browsing the internet in search of a platform where she could share her thoughts, has given her the opportunity to express her feelings and personal experiences and to reach out to like-minded people all over the world – a dream she has pursued ever since she took up writing.

Sally is currently a 17-year-old student at the Albert-Einstein grammar school in Ulm, Germany. She hasn’t made concrete plans for her future yet, although she reckons it will involve sciences such as medicine, psychology or biology. Despite not being sure about her professional goals yet, there is one thing Sally knows for a certainty: she definitely wants to continue Writing – for Fun, for Real, for Herself, for Others, and of course, for Peace.

From 2018 Young Writers Contest Nonfiction Judge Adriana Paramo:

“The question alone is hugely current and relevant. The writer uses clear language to convey the dilemma of being in a cross-cultural limbo, and to describe how difficult it is to reconcile the feeling of belonging to two cultures with a deep feeling of homelessness.”

Sally Liu’s winning essay will be featured in our 2018 edition of DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts.

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