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Through education and creative writing, Writing for Peace seeks to cultivate the empathy that allows minds to open to new cultural views, to value the differences as well as the hopes and dreams that unite all of humanity, to develop a spirit of leadership and peaceful activism.

Writing for Peace is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, directed by a group of volunteer writers and editors, and guided by our extensive panel of advisers. Since 2013, we have published an annual print journal, DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts, that will become bi-annual and move online for the first time on August 1st, 2019.

In addition to the literary journal, we challenge young writers to expand their empathy tools in our annual contest and speak out in our annual Youth Summit. To date, we have showcased work from writers, artists and photographers on every continent (except Antarctica) and received entries from young writers from 29 different countries.

Together, we hope to inspire and guide young writers to refine their craft, engage in nonviolent activism, and consider the many ways their words and actions can bring us closer to a society that values human rights, as well as environmental and economic sustainability.

Writing for Peace offers:

  • DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts
  • Annual Young Writers’ Contest
  • Annual Youth Summit
  • A regular blog, featuring our panel of advisers and other inspirational writers
  • Writing Craft Tips on our site and through our Facebook page
  • Periodic Readings and Events
  • Links to other resources, and inspiration through our site and Facebook Page

Get Involved…

Teachers: We invite you to incorporate our Young Writers Contest into your school curricula.  For more information on how to do that, read through our guidelines and contact us at here with any questions.

Writers and Artists: Consider submitting work to DoveTales and/or write us to find out ways you may be able to contribute through translating, editing, guest writing, etc. You can reach us here.

Everyone: We invite each of you to support our mission in anyway you are able. You can purchase our books here and donate here.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Samuel

    Peace is an easy path to tread
    Peace is where our fears are mislaid
    Peace is beginning to restore
    peace for each man and women and children
    peace for the troubled streets gone wild
    peace is the old and young
    peace in the end will overcome
    peace builds trust into a lifestyle
    peace is a friendly open hand
    peace is a place to understand
    peace is a legacy to leave
    peace is when we do not have to grieve
    peace is why we negotiate
    peace is an end to all the hate
    peace for all the victims of war.

  2. Brian Wrixon

    War – Again and Ongoing
    by Brian Wrixon

    War – again and ongoing, man always at war
    Every dark conflict of ours creates a deeper night
    Eyes to gun-sights and fingers to triggers
    A distant rumble and the ground moves again
    Doom breathes its way past the fallen dead
    Those who deliver raining death from above
    Sweep past overhead in the night sky
    The horizon is bright as their payload explodes
    And the cries of the collaterally damaged
    Are heard moaning on a passing breeze
    Will we never learn?
    Why cannot our century behave?
    Surely the Creator must rail against what we do

  3. Joy Thompson

    An inspiring website and a much needed program to connect and communicate peace lovers internationally! COngrats on starting this organization! Joy


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