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Andrea W. Doray serves as Past-President of the Board of Directors. She is an award-winning journalist, author, poet, and essayist in Denver, CO, and is a columnist for The Denver Post through their Colorado Voices panel. Her weekly opinion column, Alchemy, which appears in Colorado Community Media newspapers, has received a first-place award from the Colorado Press Association. Doray has authored several children’s books and has been anthologized in short story collections for kids. She is a member of the Young Writers Program faculty at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, and guests in K-12 and college classrooms as a creative writing and language instructor. Doray received her M.A. in Communication from the University of Northern Colorado, where she was honored with the institution’s Outstanding Young Alumna award. She trained with the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan in 2010. She advocates for human rights, civility, freedom of the press, and funny stories, and she blogs, tweets, and talks in her sleep about all of the above.

Blog Posts:

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  1. Lynda Reppert

    I agree with your article in the Centennial Citizen regarding putting an end to profanity in ads. Thanks for being willing to take the heat for it.

  2. Hosting

    When I hand over my dollars to panhandlers, I m answering a similar call for contribution at a street-corner crowdfunding site, writes Andrea W. Doray. I give money to the rugged, raggedy people on street corners who hold cardboard signs that bless me. I keep dollar bills handy, and even the occasional five, so I can zip down my window and pass the cash to the person who sprints over to accept my offering.


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