Vision Statement

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Writing for Peace Vision Statement

In the next five years, Writing for Peace will continue to promote world peace and unite humanity through the power of the written word. We will accomplish this by taking a leadership role in raising consciousness about peace-related topics and fostering dialogue among disparate voices.  To achieve this goal, we will create a variety of funded programs and endeavors, all of which stem from this question: How can writers take a leading role in eliminating all forms of violence and fostering a more peaceful world? A main goal is to discover and provide a forum for new and established voices writing about peace and related topics such as human rights, global warming and diminishing resources, social and economic equality, and democratic principles. We will publish thoughtful, original writing about peace created by visionary thinkers and leaders. This writing will appear in DoveTales, the Peace Correspondent, and on our blog on our website, We will foster the next generation of peace writers and provide a platform for their voices to be heard through our annual Youth Summit, and other youth-oriented outreach programs. We will use our fundraising capabilities to create scholarships for young writers and fellowships for working writers and artists.

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