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Adriana Paramo, Writing for Peace Adviser

Adriana Paramo, Author, Women’s Rights Advocate

Adriana Paramo is a Colombian writer, born in cold Bogotá but raised in Medellín, The City of Eternal Spring.

She received her bachelors of science in Petroleum Engineering and worked as a geophysicist for a multinational oil company.  Alas, it took her ten years in the industry to realize that looking for oil was not her thing.

In 1992, she left Colombia to make radical changes in her life.  She moved to Alaska where a few years later, she graduated as a Cultural Anthropologist with an emphasis in dance ethnography.

In 1996, she moved to Kuwait where she engaged in social activism, advocacy of immigrant women’s rights and designed a tool to assess the quality of life of Indian servants living in Kuwaiti work camps. The findings of this research eventually evolved into, “Desert Butterflies,” a CNF manuscript.

In 2000, Adriana returned to the USA to teach Humanities and Anthropology to undergraduate students at the local college. Along the way, she married the love of her life ( a Scottish man with an irresistible brogue), adopted two mutts from the dog pound and managed to put her daughter through high school, college and the US Navy.

She continued her women right’s advocacy and did extensive work with the immigrant farming community working in the Florida fields. This research resulted in the production of the manuscript, “Looking for Esperanza, ” winner of the 2011 Social Justice and Equality Award in Creative Nonfiction and on the list of Top 10 Latino Books of 2012.

Adriana has volunteered her time as a transcriber for Voice of Witness, a non-profit book series founded by author Dave Eggers, which empowers those most closely affected by contemporary social injustice.

She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Creative Writing at the University of South Florida.

Adriana Paramo co-produces LOL, Life Out Loud, the only reading series of nonfiction in Tampa Bay.

Her memoir, “My Mother’s Funeral,” set in Colombia, will soon be published by CavanKerry Press.


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