Anna Yang


2018 Poetry, First Place

“I Remember” by Anna Yang

Saratoga, California, USA

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

Grade 7

Anna Yang is a seventh grader who attends St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. She heard about Writing For Peace from a writing teacher, and would love to spread knowledge and affect the community around her through poetry and writing. In her free time, she watches Ted Talks, plays volleyball, and reads books. Her favorite Ted Talk is “The Muslim on the Airplane” by Amal Kassir, and she really appreciates the work Amal has done to change the lives of refugees around the world. Her favorite subject to learn about is psychology and social sciences and how the brain works.

From 2018 Young Writers Contest Poetry Judge Patricia Jabbeh Wesley:

“I Remember” is an amazing poem that touches the heart to the core, a poem that paints clear, vivid images that cry out against the loss of home, the urgency of the refugee’s need to survive and to find freedom in a new land. In a world where immigrants and refugees are being enslaved and left to drown by the thousands year after year, where refugees are left to rot in detention centers, where there seems to be no refuge for the war-weary refugee or the new, lonely political exile-seeker, we need a new voice in poetry, and this poem puts us at that place where we are right now. The things we remember can haunt us forever, but the things we try not to remember are too horrifying to remember. But this poet refuses to not remember. This is because in not remembering or in choosing not to remember, the power of a poet to memorialize everything refuses not to forget. This is a poem of witness, drawing us closer to where we all need to be. What a voice in this very time in our world!

Anna’s winning poem will be featured in our 2018 edition of DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts.

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