Archika Dogra, Finalist

Archika Dogra, Finalist
Writing for peace means expressing yourself for a greater cause, one that will remind the world about the importance of peace, unity, and acceptance.
~Archika Dogra



“Unity of Peace” by Archika Dogra

Bellevue, Washington, USA

Odle Middle School, Grade 8


Archika Dogra  was drawn to writing by the limitlessness of expression attainable through such a medium. She loves how writing is something that almost everyone can do, yet a select few learn to use it as an art form to its fullest potential. Additional causes other than worldwide peace that she is passionate about are STEM opportunities for women, making higher education accessible for people from all walks of life, and tolerance for all ethnic groups and religious beliefs. Archika hopes to receive a full college education and pursue a career either in STEM or law for the rest of her life.

Archika spends a lot of time playing sports and can be found on the field playing either select soccer or softball. She enjoys reading and writing as well as science and programming. Archika is going into high school next year as a freshman.
Archika Dogra’s short story, “Unity of Peace,” will appear this winter 2016 in the Writing for Peace Blog.


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