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My Mother’s Funeral, A Review by Robert Kostuck

MY MOTHER’S FUNERAL by Adriana Páramo CavanKerry Press, 2013, 258 pp., $21.00, ISBN 1-933880-39-2 A Review, by Robert Kostuck In My Mother’s Funeral, Adriana Páramo slips between her mother Carmen’s life before children, her own childhood memories, and the present—wake, … Continue reading

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Searching for directions since 9/11, by Andrea W. Doray

Another September 11 has come and gone, but our shock and grief lives on. Here’s a real-time look at how 9/11 felt to me…then and now. Searching for directions since 9/11 By Andrea W. Doray Tuesday, September 11, 2001: Driving … Continue reading

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Transforming the World through Social Media, by Carmel Mawle

 Transforming the World through Social Media By Carmel Mawle If, like us, you wondered how Facebook’s decision to go public would affect your accounts. Now we know. It’s meant more ads, more data mining, more selling of our private information … Continue reading

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Weary of a Violent Vocabulary, by Andrea W. Doray

This spring, Writing for Peace looks at gun violence, as well as violence against women and other issues of women’s equality. Weary of a Violent Vocabulary by Andrea W. Doray  The other day, the building where I was working was … Continue reading

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Every Month is Women’s History Month, by Andrea W. Doray

 Every Month is Women’s History Month by Andrea W. Doray When I was little, yet old enough to start questioning the order of things, I asked my parents why we had a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day, but no … Continue reading

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International Day of the Girl, by Andrea W. Doray

Without Us, the International Day of the Girl is Just an Ideal  Andrea W. Doray  October 11 this year was the first “International Day of the Girl.” Two days before that, 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head in … Continue reading

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Mourning the Loss of Voices for Peace, by Andrea W. Doray

 Mourning the Loss of Voices for Peace  by Andrea W. Doray You may not know who Wislawa Szymborska was, but you might know who Carlos Fuentes was. Szymborska and Fuentes are two of the most influential authors of our time, … Continue reading

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A Year in Grenoble, by Phillip Richards

What Good is Knowledge if You Cannot Solve Problems? A Year in Grenoble by Phillip Richards At the beginning of the academic year, Colgate professors receive a computer file displaying thumbnail color portraits of their students’ faces. Intended to help … Continue reading

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