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Famine, by Djelloul Marbrook

  Famine I’ve kicked my ass all over the world for sipping poisons like an oenologist, but it’s not without its rewards: the cracks in buildings speak and I’m the plenipotentiary of a foreign power whose name I forget. I … Continue reading

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Near rebellion, By Djelloul Marbrook

Near rebellion We’re born to pass through walls unmuddled by geometries, to crumple dimensions in our pockets, paint imaginings in the air, born to rip persuasion from our faces, to know our parents speak in fear. In which dream do … Continue reading

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Body Language of Poetry, by Djelloul Marbrook

The Body Language of Poetry By Djelloul Marbrook Don’t gesticulate with your hands or make faces when speaking, the teachers at my British boarding school told me. It’s vulgar. I’m sure that this enjoinder at such an impressionable age imbued my … Continue reading

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News of Our Society, by Djelloul Marbrook

Writing for Peace is excited to introduce three wonderful new members of our advisory panel: Robert Kostuck, Djelloul Marbrook, and Patricia Jabbeh Wesley. Each of our new advisers has achieved an inspiring level of personal integrity in their work, and … Continue reading

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