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Small Bites: Regional Chapters of Writing for Peace, by Mary Carroll-Hackett

Small (Local) Bites: Creating Regional Chapters of Writing for Peace By Mary Carroll-Hackett I’ve had the privilege of working with the national organization Writing for Peace for the last four years, an organization dedicated to employing the skills, talents, and … Continue reading

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Purse String Stagecraft, By David Scott Pointer

   Purse String Stagecraft By David Scott Pointer   Flesh-eating economic system innards, rolling over community blood pressure apparatus, attached to intergenerational empty wallets attached to local and international poverty attached to invisible, intertwined groups with similar, different interests systemically … Continue reading

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World Peace Through Volunteerism, By Brian Wrixon

Building World Peace Through Volunteerism by Brian Wrixon                 “Passage – the act or process of moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another.”   The title Passage to India has been used … Continue reading

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My Mother’s Funeral, A Review by Robert Kostuck

MY MOTHER’S FUNERAL by Adriana Páramo CavanKerry Press, 2013, 258 pp., $21.00, ISBN 1-933880-39-2 A Review, by Robert Kostuck In My Mother’s Funeral, Adriana Páramo slips between her mother Carmen’s life before children, her own childhood memories, and the present—wake, … Continue reading

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Transforming the World through Social Media, by Carmel Mawle

 Transforming the World through Social Media By Carmel Mawle If, like us, you wondered how Facebook’s decision to go public would affect your accounts. Now we know. It’s meant more ads, more data mining, more selling of our private information … Continue reading

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