Charles Talkoff


found poem with element of risk and birds
in the garden she said i love birds
for reasons unknown more playful and tender
more true to what might be called
the everyday
that the doves are not
that kind
to each other even fighting
with the sparrows and
the sparrows
are so much smaller and yet
they in turn flutter like feathered sparks
and drive off
the much larger doves
under a sky blue sky
in a city the beauty of which was then
unknown to be
as if
like birds in devotion
to risk
a garden


Charles Talkoff’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in: Visions International, Dime Show Review, Collective Unrest, The Scarlet Leaf Review, and The Pangolin Review. His short fiction has appeared in: Underground Voices, JMWW, The Urbanite, The Midway Journal, and 3QR.
He lives in Chicagoland.


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