Circle Jerk, by Paula Dawn Lietz

Circle Jerk, by Pd Lietz

Circle Jerk

by Paula Dawn Lietz

I had no reason to not believe
but when I questioned your integrity
you bore me down slamming pieces
of me like raw meat on the barbs of the fence
creating a collage of sorts of what I mistakenly
thought we were
peers you called us in this collaboration
when and where did this mirage take
on a physical presence

you called me the trash of yesterdays sins
I could not tell who screamed, was it you
or I, the rush of denial too strong in my ears
cruelly and oh so well you taunted me on
by a blindsided squall that took any sense
of my ability to reason let alone my will to breathe
you said I had no right to call my art….art
you said I was only good for circle jerk
on a barbwire fence

my ignorance was ashamed when I had to
ask what you meant by that, an image
I fear I will not forget

my eyes rolled to the back of my head
I felt frozen in time, betrayed I stayed hiding
within myself begging for a seizure
it was not to be I was to remember everything
being left in limbo, neither here nor there
but in dark place where all things grow
the strength of your cRAzy barbs slicing
sadistic jagged lines upon my mind
changing the energy within me
the tetanus coursing through my veins
nothing compared to the poison you fed me


Circle Jerk was previously published in The Schwibly.


Pd Lietz, Writing for Peace Artist-in-ResidenceAbout Paula Dawn Lietz, Artist-in-Residence

Paula Dawn Lietz is a widely published writer, photographer and artist who lives in rural Manitoba Canada. Ms. Lietz was awarded first prize in the United Kingdom Frost Photography International Competition 2011. Her writing, art, and photography have appeared in many publications, and she was responsible for the cover art of many of these. Learn more about Paula Dawn Lietz here.


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