Tourist Attraction, by Peter Street

Sam Hamill, Writing for Peace AdviserCommemorating Ten Years of Poetic Resistance, PAW Post No. 25

During the month of February, Writing for Peace  commemorates the Tenth Anniversary of Poets Against the War with Daily PAW Posts from a host of contributors.

*Parental Guidance Warning –The poets featured during our February Daily PAW Posts write of war and its effect on the human heart. Writing for Peace has not censored these poems, and we encourage parents to review the content before sharing them with children.

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Tourist Attraction

by Peter Street

We are sheep or slaves
walking in a long line,
towed by a man on his tractor
to a Police Station with its face
blown off.

He shouts “Stay on the tarmac –
everything else is landmined!”

We chug past without looking:
bright red swastikas and dicks
painted on white walls where family life
once sang out its parties, now piled up
in the front garden.

He points to Serbian cannons.
There’s a silence we’ve never heard before:

no birds, no cats, no dogs.

Peter Street, Writing for Peace AdvisorAbout Writing for Peace Adviser, Peter Street

He has published five previous poetry collections. His first, Out Of The Fire (spike books) was nominated for the 1993 Forward prize. The same year, I.T.V. television broadcast a twelve minutes Remembrance Sunday Special about his time as a war poet during the Bosnian/Croatian conflict. Street has also been seen on Zoom T.V.,  Rundrunk, Munich, Germany and Nederlandse programma Stichting ( NPS Holland).  His poetry has been broadcast on the World Service and he was poet in residence for B.B.C.’s Greater Manchester ” Who Cares?” and also the B.B.C. G.M.R. Arts program.  He won the Poetry Society’s Fish and Chip Placement. Street has been Writer-In Residence in many schools, colleges and prisons and at the International Youth Camp. In 207 Street wrote a series of poems for the highly successful Tony Bevan Catalogue. He is a qualified Arborist and has previously worked as a forester, a Mediterranean chef, and gravedigger/exhumer. Street is a recent recipient of a Royal Literary Fund Grant.


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All during the month of February, Writing for Peace is commemorating the Tenth Anniversary of Poets Against the War with a Daily PAW Post. If you are interested in arranging a reading this month in honor of Poets Against the War, please contact us with the details at, and we will be happy to share your information on our site.

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