Emily Mazan


Piecewise Function: A letter to my Country
The government is the hypotenuse.
Its length determines the angle between the two sides,
but it is carried by those two legs.
It is carried by us.
It is up to us to get to the root.
We can use the power rule
by ruling those in power.
What is the gradient between me and you?
The rate of change of the rate at which we change
each other’s minds.
It’s too slow.
Determine the direction of the vector,
increase the acceleration, and go.
This country runs on differentiation –
so focused on separating the equation.
There’s an x and there’s a y,
but there’s z and there’s also time.
But time is running short and
we need to find where these lines intersect
before it’s too late.
Not everyone thinks this way.
There’s left brained
                                    and there’s right brained
Are you left framed
                                    or right framed?
U.S History
            is Not linear.
It’s an oscillation
            where the
equilibrium is inequality.
            Stuck like
a mass and spring system,
            we need to go off on a tangent to halt the regression.
An asymptomatic relationship,
two sides never allowed to meet.
We need to reevaluate the work being done in this nation.
A discontinuity in the country –
Adjacency is a juxtaposition
and we have to find a common denominator
to bring both sides together.
One politician after another,
setting limits,
pretending part of the population is imaginary.
But we must remind them that we are
All Real.
We need a conversion
to take a second order differential equation
and turn it into a first.
Combining our differences,
listening to our brothers Martin and Malcolm,
X and Y are now called X.
When they walked across from Selma
it wasn’t perfect harmonic progression,
but they were getting there
The ratio between the irrational and rational is illogical.
Take it as a sign and take the reciprocal.
Delta me, Delta you.
Change me and you’ll change too.
Symmetry is an illusion.
Understand who it is that we’re losing.
Call them what you will,
but remember there would be no identity
without zeros in our matrices.
Negate your negativity, hate and animosity.
Expected values are stereotypical.
There’s no need to normalize a variable.
Diversity – these numbers are critical.
Pride ourselves on being
But look at all the stuff China has sent us.
Degeneration within our nation,
our largest export is people of different races.
Put bounds on the borders, engulf the country in a prism.
Send back the kids without papers, but keep their parents in prison
This country isn’t run by Mathematicians.
In fact, they may only know basic addition.
The only multiplication that these politicians have seen
is watching their bank accounts grow.
But what many people don’t know,
is that to solve a problem like this, it doesn’t take anything more.
Because all the mathematician would find by solving this equation
is that there are infinitely many solutions.
It’s just a matter of learning how to use them.
So it is possible,
but it’s up to us to choose a solution and try it.
A six-step plan or guess and check,
either way it is in our hands.
This nation has gotten nowhere
with its exemplification of differentiation.
A half-life where the
other half is in poverty.
The country focused on exponential growth of economy.
Trying to find the maximum economic state,
but in term the minimum is what we locate.
The function of the poor is dependent on the rich.
My net worth is negative.
I’m fighting to stay positive.
I’m grateful for the life I live
and being able to recognize that
to find what makes this country a nation
would call for integration.
We are the area beneath the curve.
By taking the integrals to our partials
we can eliminate
But we can’t integrate with respect to time,
it must instead be with respect to each other.
The catch is,
this process is bounded.
We can only go so far in each direction.
Our domain may be limited,
but the range we reach is infinite.
Foil their plan.
Turning factors back into quadratics
leaves no one excluded.

Emily Mazan graduated from Valparaiso University with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology in 2020. Although she plans to pursue a career in climate science, she is passionate about art, social justice, and human rights. As an activist, her work focuses on bringing forth environmental, social, and economic justice. She has an adventurous spirit and is always looking for a challenge.

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