George Floyd: A Year Later, and Alexis Bernaut Joins Sunday LIVE

George Floyd: A Year Later

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by a uniformed officer of the state, we join you in taking stock of what has changed and what has not. Approximately 170 Statues and tributes to the Confederacy have tumbled or been renamed, while 2100 still stand on U.S. public land. Derek Chauvin, is being held accountable, but police violence continues unabated. We have seen an increase in police reforms since George Floyd’s death, but the protests that forced those changes are being increasingly suppressed.

In short, dear Writers for Peace, the last year has brought evidence of the power of writing and protest. It has also underlined the continuing reality that there is much to be done. Keep up the good fight, and keep on writing.

Alexis Bernaut Joins Sunday Live with Juniper Moon

Join us this Sunday, May 30 @ 6:00 pm7:00 pm, Mountain Time, when Sunday LIVE resumes with host Juniper Moon. We’re excited to welcome Alexis Bernaut!

Alexis Bernaut is a poet, translator, and musician, born in Paris in 1977.

His poetry has been published in several reviews and anthologies in France and abroad, and translated into English, Korean, Hebrew, and Romanian. In 2016, he was invited to the Seoul International Writers Festival. He is the translator of his late friend Sam Hamill, and Trinidadien novelist Earl Lovelace, among others. His first collection of poetry, Au matin suspendu, was published in December 2012. His latest book, Un miroir au coeur du brasier, was published in May 2020, and was shortlisted for the Prix Apollinaire Découverte awarded to younger poets.”

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