Hardarshan Singh Valia

One poem

Three Facets of Refugee Status

1) Broken Wings
Watching dreams
Consumed by the fireworks
Falling from the sky
And spirits dampened
By scorching heat
From winds of un-ending war
Parents assembled
In the darkness of night
To undertake the journey
Into the realm of unknown.

2) Promised Land
Boat would accept no more.
Teary-eyed wife’s hand waved
Trying to console husband on the shore.
The end of the perilous journey
Narrated by a Sufi singer,
“On the Mediterranean coast
Two fish out of water
One was a baby stingray
Another a refugee mother
With her unborn daughter.”

3) Welcome Home
Father victim of cross-fire on a street
While mother and the newly born daughter
Arrived at the gate of refugee camp
And assigned a shiny blue tent
With time that morphed into a home.
Sustained under a banner that read:
“Earth without Borders.”


Hardarshan Singh ValiaHardarshan Singh Valia is an Earth Scientist. His work has appeared in journals such as River babble, Poetic Medicine, Who Writes Short Shorts, Sage-ing, Northwest Indiana Literary Journal, Wards Literary Journal and the forthcoming anthology entitled ‘Dreamscapes’ by Cherry House Press. This poem emerged after reading the news of a boat carrying refugees sank in the ocean.


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