Jocelyn Sauceda


Midnight Prayers
It’s midnight, the sun has given the moon
a chance to shine, the clouds have said goodnight,
and I’ve returned to where my day began.
I stare at my ceiling admiring glow-
in-the-dark stickers in the shape of stars.
I’m almost asleep when I remember
I haven’t prayed in weeks. I put my small hands
together and start. I make some simple
requests: good grades, low stress, that animals
all sleep peacefully. I move to my friends:
to keep Freddy safe while in the army,
and that Daniel isn’t lonely at school.
Lastly, I ask good energy be sent
to my family. Now I let dreams take me.


Jocelyn Sauceda recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas. She earned a bachelor’s degree in english with a concentration in writing. While working toward her undergraduate degree she served as editor and chief of the university’s fiction magazine for two semesters. Her work has appeared in the University of St. Thomas fiction literary magazine and The Havik Review.

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