Judy DeCroce

Three Poems

Through the Night

whatever danger
quietly hovers close
a crack in the secret
brushes through the night
slides lightly
across our world
only the moon
holds some faith
shudders and wishes finding
whatever is there—whatever choices are hidden


“How can we not love this world for what it gives us? 
How can we not hate it for what it takes away?”
Stephen Dobyns
Had it worked well, even once,
that idea…that dream?
Sure, there was danger—a turnover
yet somewhere a promise.
So… she stayed,
this young aid worker reaching to help
lending a hand committed and strong.
She believed in the difference one person made.
She was one…
                        just one who tried.
(For Kayla Mueller, Aid Worker, age 26)


A City Turning Its Back

Everyone understands
this wasn‘t an accident.

We watched the afternoons
arrive carved up, staunching a wound
with just enough indifference.

Streets abandoned;
while a city makes the most of losing.

We watch now
from the other shore . . .

your flames say everything.


Judy DeCroce is an educator, poet/flash fiction writer and avid reader whose works have been published by Plato’s Cave online, Pilcrow & Dagger, Amethyst Review, Tigershark Publishing, The BeZine and many others. As a professional storyteller and teacher of that genre, she also offers, workshops in flash fiction. Judy lives and works in upstate New York with her husband poet/artist, Antoni Ooto.

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