June 26, Friday Live with Lyla June, A W4P Reading Series

Join the June 26th Writing for Peace Friday Live Reading with Lyla June Johnston.

Friday, June 26th, at 8pm EDT Click here to join.

Lyla June Johnston (known publicly as Lyla June) will read her essay, “The Story of How Humanity Fell In Love With Itself Once Again,” and discuss her writing process and activism. Learn more about Lyla June and read more of her work here.

Meeting ID: 865 8222 3528
Password: 705037


Lyla June is an Indigenous musician, scholar, and community servant of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) and European lineages. Her dynamic, multi-genre presentation style has engaged audiences across the globe towards personal, collective and ecological healing. She blends studies in Human Ecology at Stanford, graduate work in Indigenous Pedagogy, and the traditional worldview she grew up with to inform her perspectives and solutions. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree, focusing on Indigenous food systems revitalization.

Lyla June is a student of global cycles of violence that eventually gave rise to The Native American Holocaust and the destruction of many cyclic relationships between human beings and nature. This exploration birthed her passion for revitalizing spiritual relationships with Mother Earth and cultivating spaces for forgiveness and reconciliation to occur between cultural groups.

In 2012, she graduated with honors from Stanford University with a degree in Environmental Anthropology. During her time there she wrote the award winning papers: Nature and the Supernatural: The Role of Culture and Spirituality in Sustaining Primate Populations in Manu National Park, Peru and Chonos Pom: Ethnic Endemism Among the Winnemem Wintu and the Cultural Impacts of Enlarging Shasta Reservoir.

She spends her free time learning her endangered mother tongue, planting corn, beans and squash and spending time with elders who retain traditional spiritual and ecological knowledge.


Meeting ID: 865 8222 3528
Password: 705037

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1 thought on “June 26, Friday Live with Lyla June, A W4P Reading Series

  1. alisa

    thankyou for what you all do!
    im looking fwd to this
    was hoping be in taos n redo a celebrate regeneration ceremony

    ” Regeneration Festival is about bouncing back, just as a forest regenerates after a forest fire.”…..

    It all began in August of 2011, founder Lyla June Johnston said. “…….

    july 2011 was heavy year here loosing people to evil of world and i left east and went west to my friend in taos…..

    and as try still learn heal n not panic with way world
    farm forage craft share protect ….

    lylas poetry soul saver

    i homeschool and poetry n information of dine language strengthens what i teach kids about their family in New mexico area.

    !thankyou thankyou thankyou!
    much peace
    alisa wesa eliza waterfalls

    thankyou lyla teaching me HOZHO
    yes on video grandmother interweb spiderweb 🙂

    ….”This morning my grandmother is teaching me
    that the easiest (and most elegant) way to defeat an army of hatred,
    is to sing it beautiful songs
    until it falls to its knees and surrenders.
    It will do this, she says, because it has finally
    found a sweeter fire than revenge.
    It has found heaven.
    It has found HOZHO.
    This morning my grandmother is saying
    to the colors of the sky at dawn:
    beauty is restored again…
    It is dawn, my friends.
    Wake up.
    The night is over.”……


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