Karina Guardiola-Lopez

Two poems


I will not be silent
With my first Amendment right still available
And with most of these laws not applying to me
Don’t take my freedom of speech away from me too

I will not be quiet
As an educator
It is my due diligence to educate and re-educate
We have a lot of unlearning to do
We have a lot of healing to do

I will not shut up
Silence was the tool of the oppressor
We have been silent for too many years
With this God given voice
I will speak up about these injustices

I will not be muted
Granted, there is a time to use your
2 ears and 1 mouth
To analyze and exam everything carefully
However …
This is not that time
This is the time to advocate and not
Keep all that wisdom hidden

I will not be hushed
I will not be soundless
I will not be uncommunicative
Inaudible, calladita 

Because silence has never equated to peace
And while we are being used
Abused and confused
I will use my God given voice
And the rights I still have left to speak



I Can’t Breathe

8 minutes and 46 seconds!
The capital M in all “Men are created equal” doesn’t include you and doesn’t include me

7 minutes and 46 seconds!
There is only one race
and that’s the human race
yet, their actions say otherwise

6 minutes and 46 seconds!
Our laws, Amendments and Constitution still needs tweaking
Where are the current updates?

5 minutes and 46 seconds!
Satan also recites scripture
Holding a Bible has never impressed me
Never will, many will come to deceive

4 minutes and 46 seconds
What happened to love your neighbor as yourself?
Do you even love yourself?
The hypocrisy!

3 minutes and 46 seconds
With all this history
With all these receipts
You still want to say all lives matter?
What an oxymoron

2 minute and 46 seconds
How do you police the police?
Still runaway slave patrol?
Not all killers hide under sheets

1 minutes and 46 seconds!
They say all things take time
I say, time is up!

46 seconds
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe


Karina Guardiola-Lopez (Karina G-Lopez) is a writer, poet, actor and educator from New York City. She has been published in various  magazines, anthologies and websites including: Great Weather for Media, The Scrib Arts Journal, Poetica Magazine, Indolent Books, Acentos Review, New Voices Anthology, The BX Files, Latinoauthor.com, Latinabookclub.com just to name a few. She has also featured at: The NYC Poetry Festival at Governor’s Island, Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Q-Boro Lit Crawl, The Bronx Museum and many other locations. For more information please visit www.kglopez.com.

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