Kathryn Sadakierski

Two Poems

Piece de Resistance

Keeping the peace does not mean
Conforming blindly
To restrictions that oppress.
Peace is not
An impossible ideal,
A utopia
That cannot be realized.
Peace is fairness, justice,
That unites people,
Allowing for equity
So that every soul can realize their dream,
Using their talents,
And being who they are, uniquely,
Exercising their beliefs.
The piece de resistance
Is that in this time,
Even when individuals isolate,
Staying home,
In the dwelling places
Associated with normalcy,
There is irony
In that there is still so much unrest,
If peace is our dream for the future,
We must be true to ourselves,
Joining in solidarity
To uphold human rights
That make us free,
What would otherwise hold us back
From peace
Of mind
And heart,
The certainty
That we are headed in the right direction,
Which currently
We lack.
Peace in the Time of Quarantine

There is peace in knowing
Even in a time of uncertainty
That everything happens how it’s supposed to,
According to what’s meant to be.
High schoolers enjoy homemade proms with their families,
Classrooms of students and teachers still meet,
Finding joy and creativity
In coming together,
We discover peace,
Sharing talents
Making masks,
Innovating solutions,
And healing others,
Whether through being a nurse,
Or writing stories
That inspire people to have hope and dream.
We all work together
To ignite the brilliant spark of peace.
Taking time to pray and have gratitude,
Resisting the need to know everything ahead of time, to keep ceaselessly moving,
Instead counting blessings, saying thank you,
Restores the peace
That had before been less visible
In days consumed by traffic, noise,
And long lists of things to do,
Unending schedules of activities,
A metric of productivity,
Leaving no moments for rest
To think, finding renewal
Through connecting with others, nature,
Your inner spirit.
Peace is in doing what fulfills you,
Living your passion without losing your vision,
Or getting swept up in everything else, the ways of the world.
Peace helps you find your footing, clearing your cluttered thoughts.
Peace is like casting a shell into the sea, a kind of baptism
Leaving behind your worries, cleansing disease,
Reveling in the serendipity of a day spent simply, yet enjoyably.
Love is peace,
Just the kind of redemption
We need.


Kathryn Sadakierski is a 21-year-old graduate student whose writing has appeared in Critical Read, NewPages Blog, Teachers of Vision, The Ekphrastic Review, The Voices Project, Visual Verse, and elsewhere. She graduated summa cum laude with her B.A. from Bay Path University in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree.

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