Laura Matthias Bendoly


My photo, “Tournesol,” shows the under side of a sculpted sunflower at Inniswood Metro Gardens in Westerville, Ohio. My image reflects the DoveTales theme in that these flower petals, like a dove’s wing, can be seen from above and below as a kind of shelter. They, the petals and wings, are emblems of flight, of protection, of transcendence. They are unique and yet very familiar. The petals on the sculpture I shot show, too, how a momentary experience — the observation of a flower in bloom — can last an entire lifetime, when cast onto the photographic lens, or made into glass. Even after the dove has flown or the flower has wilted, the photograph remains. And the light that penetrates through these glass petals radiates out to the viewer, casting a shaded, welcome, motherly embrace.

~Laura Matthias Bendoly




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