Laura Weldon


Redwood Dharma 

Redwood trees have lived on Earth for over 240 million years.
Homo sapiens, about 200 thousand. 

Despite massive size,
old growth redwood
root systems are shallow.
Trees reach 350 feet tall
yet don’t topple in the strongest winds.

Each one’s roots interlace
with its neighbors’ roots,
creating a vast network of support
unseen on the surface.

They hold on for a thousand,
two thousand years, maybe more,
all the while showing us
how to grow up.


Originally published by The MOON Magazine, June 2019



Anything, Everything

“Find everything you’re looking for?” a clerk asks
and I say, “I’m still looking for world peace.”
“Can I get you anything else?” a nurse asks
and I say, “Yes, a safe haven for refugees.”
For a millisecond, their faces soften
as they take a deep breath of imagining
then laugh or shake their heads
or commiserate. For a few minutes
we might even discuss
our planet’s highest possibilities.
Maybe that deep breath,
that imagining,
is a starting place.


Originally published by The MOON Magazine, August 2018.



Clarion Reminder
The powerful provoke the powerless
to push against one another.
Their power grows by keeping us
in all kinds of prisons.

Yet we are not powerless.

Remember the black bear
roaming Clarion County, Pennsylvania,
its head trapped a month or more
in a metal-ringed pail.

Remember those who chased it for hours,
grabbed it in a perilous embrace,
carefully sawed loose those tight bonds.

Imagine what they felt as the bear
ran free into the woods.

Imagine too, the bear.


Originally published by Writers Resist, August 2017.

Laura Grace Weldon has published two poetry collections, Blackbird (Grayson 2019) and Tending (Aldrich 2013). She was named Ohio Poet of the Year for 2019. Laura works as a book editor and teaches community-based writing workshops. She lives with vast optimism on a small farm where she’d get more done if she didn’t spend so much time reading library books, cooking weird things, and singing to livestock. Connect with her at


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