Laurel Ilionia

One poem

One World, One People

Last night, in my dream,
black angels dancing, to and fro,
upon the downward stairs,
from the heavenly gate,
proclaiming a word the earth has never known.
I was blind and deaf
and could not see nor hear the angels.
Deep was I in earthly things

Until I heard them say,
Jesus is the son, the Lord,
and also Mohammed is the son, the Lord.
I trembled at the sight.
My ears kept blocking my hearing,
and I pretended it was a joke.

I could hear them saying aloud,
Jesus is black, Jesus is white.
Whatsoever you take him to be,
he is, and I was baffled, my mind lost itself,
trying to believe,
what my world never believed.
With fear, I heard the words of the angels,
who beheld me, stronger than true love.
And I could not resist their words.

I could hear them saying again,
We’re the angels of truth and purity,
Fear not. For you’re the chosen one.
Tell your world,
the truth, they never knew.

Oh, I replied, in a deep heavy voice,
I fear, they won’t believe me.
And I will become a caricature.
My world kills the innocent for nothing.
Color, religion, luxury kills us.
In one voice aloud, they replied,
Go into the world.
Spread what you have heard. For our God (Allah) is with you.
Tell them, they are;
One world, one people.

I bowed my head and cried
With a pain filled voice, I said,
My world has been in darkness,
For these centuries.
I could hear them say, in a powerful voice,
Strong as the wind,
Go! Go!
You have no time to spare.



Laurel Iloani

Laurel O. Iloani is a university student and a member of Young Scholars of Liberia. He fully participated in all of the Young Scholars of Liberia workshops conducted by Dr. Patricia Jabbeh Wesley in 2018 and 2019, and is an aspiring writer.




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