Live Reading Moves to Sundays with Brad Wetzler

Beginning, Sunday, October 18th, the Writing for Peace Live Reading Series (held previously every other Friday) moves to every Sunday at 8pm ET with host Brad Wetzler.  Author, journalist, and teacher Brad Wetzler has served as Guest Editor of the Resistance edition of DoveTales and as co-host of our Friday Live Readings. His vision takes our reading series to exciting new heights.

Says Brad, “My hope is to continue the Writing for Peace tradition of having strong representation by black writers, people of color, LGTBQ+, international writers, etc. Since we are living in challenging times both politically and personally, I hope to devote time to the issues of artists’ responsibilities to use their voices, as well as issues around writing process, and, of course, matters of using our art and voices to promote inner and world peace. I also hope to occasionally invite important voices from the spiritual community to discuss how we maintain inner peace and serve our fellow humans.”

His first show, on Sunday, October 18th, will feature author BK Loren to read both new and familiar work and discuss her views on a writer’s social responsibility and the path of the writer during difficult times. BK Loren is the author of Theft: A Novel and Animal, Mineral, Radical: Essays on Wildlife, Family, and Food.

Meeting ID: 828 9897 7722

On Sunday, October 25th, author David Gilbreath Barton will join us to read from his new book Havel: Unfinished Revolution, a biography of Vaclav Havel, Czech statesman, writer, and former political dissident, who served as the last President of Czechoslovakia from 1989 until the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1992 and then as the first President of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. David Gilbreath Barton is a Jungian psychotherapist, with 25 years of experience in working with dreams, myths, and the collective unconscious. He’s an Associate Professor of Humanities at Northern New Mexico College and the founder of The Salt Journal and the Salt Institute.

Meeting ID: 828 9897 7722

So, beginning October 18th, be sure to set aside an hour in your Sunday evenings to be enlightened and inspired with Brad Wetzler and his guests.

If you missed any of our readers, you can watch them in full here.

An Important Message from W4P President, Carmel Mawle

I would never presume to tell you how to vote. That said, November is sneaking up on us (like a Mack Truck), so this is a friendly reminder to make a plan now to get your votes in as early as possible. As writers, ink on a page is the beginning of endless possibilities. The same may be true of inking in the little blank boxes on your ballots. If you need help getting to the polls or mailing your ballots, there is help available. If you go to the polls in person, wear your masks and stay safe. Whatever happens after this election, we will still need your voice. Thanks for all you do.

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