Lou Ella Hickman


invitation to awareness
                                                   What makes the desert beautiful is somewhere it hides a well.
                                                            Antoine de Saint-Exupery

                                                                    The Little Prince
under each day’s metallic glare
small things somehow survive among the rocks
whose ancient hardness is slowly scoured into sand—
sand which the wind sighs into the infinite silence . . .
this mute country was once a fabled garden
lush with pulsing green  a story of beginning stories . . .
now this voiceless paradox of persistence and diminishment
swirls into storms so fierce they often blot out the sun . . .
this desert is the seeker’s realm
with its life and death beauty
for everything that is singular and essential
is always hidden
like water

Sister Lou Ella is a certified spiritual director whose poems and articles have appeared in numerous magazines and journals as well as four anthologies. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2017. Her first book of poetry is entitled she: robed and wordless and was published in 2015. (Press 53)




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