Lucas Tucker

First Place, Fiction: “Cleanse Your Nation,” by Lucas  Tucker

Grade 10, Head-Royce School, Moraga, California, U.S.

My name is Lucas Tucker, and I am a 16 year old Californian with an interest in written and spoken language. I believe that writing, like playing guitar or painting a picture, is a way to communicate emotions and ideas to others through various senses.

When I found the 2019 Young Writers Contest through some online research, I felt it would be a great opportunity to expose people to the vast amount of antisemitism in modern day America. By writing this piece, I was able to express deeper emotions that I cannot express to friends and my community.

As part of my 10th grade English class, I learned about the plight of Japanese-Americans during their World War II Internment. Reading about the prejudice that this population faced inspired me to empathize with my own Jewish community, and get very deep into the day to day struggles that American Jews face. I ran into many challenges throughout this writing process, and focusing on the hate and prejudice really forced me to expand my writing skills.

While I am still figuring out my career path, I hope to continue connecting people of different backgrounds and cultures through writing, computer science, and shared human experiences.


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