Maureen Jennifer Davies

One poem

Free Me

Free me from your endless rumors.
I speak the way I do
because I was taught in school
that my subject and verb should agree.
And that’s a rule.
I’m sorry, if you didn’t pay much attention
in school, but don’t dare tell me
I’m trying to speak seerees
or that I sound American.
I don’t always have to speak colloquial
to prove I’m from LIB,
so, free me!

Free me from your bizarre stereotypes.
Don’t question me being a Lorma girl
because I don’t have a big backside
I know that you think that my “behind”
is flatter than a door
You think you’re rubbing it in,
but you cannot because
I like being me.
Free me!

Free me from your ruthless gossip
Don’t go explaining that I’m too young
to be a mother.
I was naive and lost, always in the wrong
places, with the wrong people,
but that’s not your business.
You saw me… all the time
when I needed a hand to lead me.
You did not make it your business
to give advice.
Now, make it not your business
to gossip about my child and me.

Free me from your labels.
Yes, you say I’m a talkative,
but I have a right to contribute
to conversations.
so, don’t dare tell me I like to fuller-place
Free me!

Free me!
I like my “sentimentality”
I like my slimness; I like my laugh,
the way I talk, and I like
the way I makeup my face.
I just love being me, and I’m never
going to fit the space
you’ve carved up for me.
So, free me!

Maureen Jennifer Davies

Maureen Jennifer Davies is a 19-year old Liberian student, studying Biology and Chemistry at Stella Maris Polytechnic, Mother Pattern College of Health Sciences. She resides in Monrovia with her parents and two siblings. She wants to become a medical doctor and writer, and is a member of Young Scholars of Liberia under the mentorship of Dr. Patricia Jabbeh Wesley.


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