Moises Ramos

Punto de Partida # 6 was published as the cover is Radxmag Magazine volume 3.

Punto de Partida (Point of Departure)

Mixed Media Series

Artist statement for Punto de Partida

I have created this series because of the negative way the media is portraying what an immigrant is. Their depiction is a stereotype of an undesirable person who is a peril to us all. The reality is that we all benefit from their contributions because they helped build and give shape to what we call America today. Most of the photographs that I based my work on are portraits of people that came to the USA at the turn of the century through Ellis Island and Angel Island. Nevertheless, not all the images came from these immigration stations. Native Americans are included because they were treated as aliens and forced to live as foreigners in their land. Africans are present because even though they were brought here by force, they became unwilling immigrants in the new world.

The series is comprised of pairs of portraits, a woman and a man. Not from the same country, but related ethnic groups around the world. Every piece on this series has a distinctive color and texture. Not only to create visual impact but to invite the viewer to get immersed in an intimate moment with them. The goal of this series is to spark the conversation about acceptance, understanding, and to see that immigration brings more than just new faces. It also brings fresh ideas and unique challenges that will enrich our society and, eventually, change people’s minds about immigration and immigrants.

Moises Ramos is a Puertorican artist whose artwork has been presented in several galleries and collective art shows in Puerto Rico, USA, England, France and Europe. Ramos has also received awards for his mixed media, engravings and B&W photography throughout his career. Today he’s an artist and educator. His work with refugee youth and the community deemed him the recipient of the Memphis Wood Excellence in Teaching Award and the Cultural Council of Jacksonville Art Educator of the Year Award. Web portfolio:

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