Janet Barber
Mask Up. Read. Resist Right. Fight! 

David Barton
Living in Truth

Maija Rhee Devine
The Korean War and Chocolate Candies

Judith Ferster
Black and Palestinian Lives Matter

Kimberly Horg

Richard L Matta
Self-Conducted Symphony

Morton Milder
Four Short Poems From The Mueller Hearings

Joann Moon
Resist for Change: Women’s Progress towards Comfortable Clothing in America and its effects

Rayla Noel
The Deadliest Contagion

Adriana Páramo
Writers of Color

Jacqueline Jill Rito
Silence and the Word

Erin Soros
I Call This Institutionalized Rape

Carol Ann Sparrow
My White Resistance

Johnny Townsend
Before Things Turned Violent

Brad Wetzler
Born Again In Palestine

Angela Wright
Loving The Stranger In Strange Times

Madelaine Zadik
Helga is with me in New Mexico