George Floyd: A Year Later, and Alexis Bernaut Joins Sunday LIVE

George Floyd: A Year Later

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by a uniformed officer of the state, we join you in taking stock of what has changed and what has not. Approximately 170 Statues and tributes to the Confederacy have tumbled or been renamed, while 2100 still stand on U.S. public land. Derek Chauvin, is being held accountable, but police violence continues unabated. We have seen an increase in police reforms since George Floyd’s death, but the protests that forced those changes are being increasingly suppressed.

In short, dear Writers for Peace, the last year has brought evidence of the power of writing and protest. It has also underlined the continuing reality that there is much to be done. Keep up the good fight, and keep on writing.

Alexis Bernaut Joins Sunday Live with Juniper Moon

Join us this Sunday, May 30 @ 6:00 pm7:00 pm, Mountain Time, when Sunday LIVE resumes with host Juniper Moon. We’re excited to welcome Alexis Bernaut!

Alexis Bernaut is a poet, translator, and musician, born in Paris in 1977.

His poetry has been published in several reviews and anthologies in France and abroad, and translated into English, Korean, Hebrew, and Romanian. In 2016, he was invited to the Seoul International Writers Festival. He is the translator of his late friend Sam Hamill, and Trinidadien novelist Earl Lovelace, among others. His first collection of poetry, Au matin suspendu, was published in December 2012. His latest book, Un miroir au coeur du brasier, was published in May 2020, and was shortlisted for the Prix Apollinaire Découverte awarded to younger poets.”

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2021 Young Writers Contest Winners

2021 Young Writers Contest Results

In Poetry~

First Place: Natasha Bredle from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, for “Nawaji’s Notebook.” Natasha attends Summit County Day School and is in 8th Grade.

Second Place: Huda Haque, from Morrisville, North Carolina, United States, for “On the 1947 India-Pakistan Conflict.” Huda attends Panther Creek High School and is in 11th Grade.

Third Place: Kionna Carter from Spring, Texas, United States, for “Beautiful In Every Way.” Kiona attends Oak Ridge High School and is in 10th Grade.

Finalist: Taeyon Han, from Irving, California, United States, for “Blushing Red.” Taeyon attends Arnold O. Beckman High School and is in the 11th Grade.

In Fiction~

First Place: Sonia Mehta from Dublin, Ohio, United States, for “Once They Were.” Sonia attends Dublin Jerome High School for Girls and is in the 11th Grade.

Second Place: Daria Volkova, from Wilmette, Illinois, United States, for “The We People.” Daria attends New Trier High School and is in 10th Grade.

Third Place: Celia Joely, from Boca Raton, Florida, United States, for “Leap of Faith.” Celia attends Somerset Academy Boca Middle School and is in 7th Grade.

Finalist: Syrine Assi from Beirut, Lebanon for “It’s Now or Never.” Syrine attends International College and is in 10th Grade.

In Nonfiction~

First Place: Isabel Xiao, from Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States, for “Rock and Roll Isn’t Dead, It Just Smells Funny.” Isabel attends Princess Ann High School and is in 11th Grade.

Second Place: Jitae Kim, from Pamona, California, United States, for “Two Boys. A Bridge with No End. A Sleeping Dragon.” Jitae attends Damien High School and is in 11th Grade.

Third Place: Rebecca Zhang, from McLean, Virginia, United States, for “How Latinx Culture and Values Effect Latinx Students’ Approach Towards Education.”  Rebecca attends Langley High School and is in 11th Grade.

Finalist: Chih-Chen (Steven) Yeh, from Jurong, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. Steven attends Nanjing International School and is in 10th Grade.

And the 2021 Grand Prize of $200 goes to…

Grand Prize Winner

Yueyi Huang, from Shanghai, China, for her sharp-edged short story “Picadillo,” a well-researched and poignant glimmer of the pain inflicted by the Mexican cartel. Yueyi attends YK Pao School and is in 8th Grade.

We, at Writing for Peace, would like to congratulate all our young writers. The competition was incredibly stiff this year, with many excellent entries coming from countries all over the world. We hope you will keep refining your craft with the goal of making a difference with your writing, because your submissions showed extraordinary insight and awareness. Each of our young writers will receive certificates of participation, and finalists will be published here on the Writing for Peace Blog at Our Grand Prize Winner will receive the $200 Grand Prize, and all of our winners will be published in DoveTales, an International Journal of the Arts.  Thank you all for taking this writing challenge!

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Angela Narciso Torres Joins Sunday Live with Juniper Moon

Angela Narciso Torres is the author of two full length poetry collections, What Happens Is Neither (Four Way Books, 2021) and Blood Orange, winner of the 2013 Willow Books Literature Award for Poetry; and the chapbook, To the Bone (Sundress Publications). Recent work appears or is forthcoming in POETRYMissouri Review, and Poetry Northwest. Her work has been featured on WBUR and Poetry Daily. A graduate of Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers and Harvard Graduate School of Education, Angela has received fellowships from Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, Illinois Arts Council, and Ragdale Foundation. She received First Prize in the Yeats Poetry Prize (W.B. Yeats Society of New York). New City magazine named her one of Chicago’s Lit 50: Who Really Books in Chicago. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Manila, she resides in San Diego. She serves as a senior and reviews editor for RHINO.

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5 p.m. PST

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Juniper Moon on tonight’s Sunday LIVE Guest, Ian Ramsey

Sunday LIVE Host Juniper Moon

One of the aspects I love about this reading series is the ability to learn more about the writer and how they move through the world, not only from what they share from the page.

This week’s guest has inspired me for years now—how he moves through the world and makes it a better place with not only his presence but what he does and offers others…

Ian Ramsey will read from his soon-to-be-published poetry manuscript “Hackable Animal,” and take us “around the world from Tokyo to Trinidad to Trujillo and wrestling with the inner dimensions of what it means to be a wild human being in the quickly disrupting/globalizing 21st century. Ecology. Climate Change. Wildfires. Technology. Activism. And lots of bears”.

Join us? Tonight, Sunday, March 28th, at 8pm ET/5pm PST. (Zoom link below.)

Ian Ramsey is a poet and educator based in Maine where he directs the Kauffmann Program for Environmental Writing and Wilderness Exploration. His writing has appeared in journals like, Off the Coast, High Desert Journal, Orion, Words & Images, and the Mountain Research Initiative. Ian, who holds an MFA from the Rainier Writing Workshop, has served as an artist-in-residence across North America and abroad, and he frequently collaborates with scientists internationally to communicate climate-change research in creative ways. He is an ultra-runner, sea kayak guide, and sponsored mountain athlete, and a founding board member of the non-profit Physiology First, which gives students leading-edge tools to manage anxiety and perform at a higher level. As a musician, he has been nominated for a Grammy and has shared the stage with Yoko Ono and Tony Trisha, among others. He is currently finishing a poetry manuscript, Hackable Animal, that will be published in 2022.

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Sweta Vikram Joins Sunday Live with Juniper Moon

Sweta Srivastava Vikram

Host Juniper Moon welcomes the best-selling author Sweta Vikram to Sunday LIVE Reading this Sunday, March 14th, at 8 pm EST / 5 pm PST.

Sunday LIVE Host Juniper Moon

Says Juniper, “While considering our next guest this morning, I was trying to recall when I first ‘met’ Sweta Srivastava Vikram through InstaGram. I cannot remember how along ago that was but I do remember how I’ve felt about her presence and the incredible work she is doing–writing, supporting other women, Ayruveda mindfulness and health/wellness advocate and educator and the list goes on. She consistently inspires me to be and do better, for myself and my community.

“Sweta is one of the most positive (and busiest, as in productive…) women I’ve connected with online. From her best selling books to her positive posts about delicious food and family and friends and living a mindful and full life, she offers the world wisdom, creativity, and beauty. I’m so grateful to host Sweta this weekend for Sunday Live. Sweta writes in many genres and I look forward hearing what writing she chooses to share with us and learning more about this dynamic and beautiful person.”

Invite your friends and join us for this special evening!

Sweta Srivastava Vikram is an international speaker, best-selling author of 12 books, and Ayurveda and mindset coach who is committed to helping people thrive on their own terms. As a trusted source on health and wellness, most recently appearing on NBC and Radio Lifeforce, Sweta has dedicated her career to writing about and teaching a more holistic approach to creativity, productivity, health, and nutrition. Her work has appeared in The New York Times and other publications across nine countries on three continents. Sweta is a trained yogi and certified Ayurveda health coach, is on the board of Fly Female Founders, and holds a Master’s in Strategic Communications from Columbia University. Voted as “One of the Most Influential Asians of Our Times” and winner of the “Voices of the Year” award (past recipients include Chelsea Clinton), she lives in New York City with her husband and works with clients across the globe. She also teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence as well incarcerated men and women. Find her on: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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Octavio Quintanilla Joins Sunday Live with Juniper Moon

February 28 @ 8:00 pm ET

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Octavio Quintanilla

Octavio Quintanilla is the author of the poetry collection, If I Go Missing (Slough Press, 2014) and served as the 2018-2020 Poet Laureate of San Antonio, TX.  His poetry, fiction, translations, and photography have appeared, or are forthcoming, in journals such as Salamander, RHINO, Alaska Quarterly Review, Pilgrimage, Green Mountains Review, Southwestern American Literature, The Texas Observer, Existere: A Journal of Art & Literature, and elsewhere. His Frontextos (visual poems) have been published in Poetry Northwest, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Midway Journal, Gold Wake Live, Newfound, Chachalaca Review, Chair Poetry Evenings, Red Wedge, The Museum of Americana, About Place Journal, The American Journal of Poetry, The Windward Review, Tapestry, Twisted Vine Literary Arts Journal, & The Langdon Review of the Arts in Texas.   

Octavio’s visual work has been exhibited at the Southwest School of Art, Presa House Gallery, Equinox Gallery, The University of Texas—Rio Grande Valley (Brownsville Campus), the Weslaco Museum, Aanna Reyes Gallery, Our Lady of the Lake University, AllState Almaguer art space in Mission, TX, El Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos, The Walker’s Gallery in San Marcos, TX, and in the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center / Black Box Theater in Austin, TX.  He holds a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas and is the regional editor for Texas Books in Review and poetry editor for The Journal of Latina Critical Feminism & for Voices de la Luna: A Quarterly Literature & Arts Magazine.  Octavio teaches Literature and Creative Writing in the M.A./M.F.A. program at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. 


Instagram: @writeroctavioquintanilla

Twitter: @OctQuintanilla

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Michael Simms Joins Sunday LIVE, DoveTales Extended, and Other W4P News

Michael Simms Joins Sunday LIVE with Juniper Moon

Join us this Sunday at 8pm ET to welcome Michael Simms to our Sunday LIVE program with host Juniper Moon.

Michael Simms, Writer and Editor

Michael Simms has been active in politics and poetry for over 40 years as a writer, teacher, editor, and community activist. He is the founder of Autumn House Press, a nonprofit publisher of books of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction and the founder of Vox Populi, an online gazette for poetry, politics and nature. He’s also the author of four collections of poetry and a college textbook about poetry — and the lead editor of over 100 published books. Simms has won a number of awards and fellowships, including a Certificate of Recognition in 2011 from the Pennsylvania State Legislature for his contribution to the arts. Simms has an MFA from the University of Iowa and a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University. Simms is a childhood sexual abuse survivor, a person with autism who did not learn to speak until he was five years old, and a recovering alcoholic and drug addict with 35 years of sobriety. He lives with his wife Eva, a psychologist, in the historic Mount Washington neighborhood overlooking the city of Pittsburgh. Simms’ most recent collection of poems is American Ash.

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Spring DoveTales Update: Letters from the Self to the World

Guest Editor Adriana Paramo

Our international literary journal, DoveTales, has always been a repository for wisdom and expressions of joy, sorrow, frustration and outrage. It is a place where writers and artists can express themselves freely, raising awareness of our common humanity and the many aspects of life on this globe that we celebrate, honor, or work together to change. The work we see coming in for our latest journal, Letters from the Self to the World (guest edited by Adriana Paramo) continue this tradition beautifully.

Editor-in-Chief Robert Kostuck

In the midst of the pandemic and the resurgence of white supremacy, we honor the transitions that unity made possible. We’re grateful for this change in direction, acknowledging the distance we still have to go. There is much work to do to achieve a more just, peaceful, and democratic world.

With all this in mind, our Editor-in-Chief, Robert Kostuck, has made the decision to leave our reading open a bit longer, extending our deadlines to April 1st and postponing publication of DoveTales to May 15th.

Amid the devastation of lives lost and the hope for better things, now is the time to write your letter to the world. We look forward to reading it.

Read the full Guidelines here.

Young Writers Contest Extended

We invite young writers (ages 13-19) to take the Writing for Peace challenge to develop empathy through creative writing. Our deadline has been extended to April 1st. Winners will be published in our international journal, DoveTales, and the Grand Prize Winner will win $200. Check out the guidelines here.

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CMarie Fuhrman Joins Sunday LIVE with Juniper Moon

Join us in welcoming CMarie Fuhrman to Sunday LIVE with Juniper Moon. Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, at 8pm ET.

CMarie Fuhrman, poet, editor, and essayistCMarie Fuhrman is the author of Camped Beneath the Dam: Poems (Floodgate 2020) and co-editor of Native Voices (Tupelo 2019). She has published poetry and nonfiction in multiple journals including Emergence Magazine, Yellow Medicine Review, Cutthroat a Journal of the Arts, Whitefish Review, Broadsided Press, Taos  International Journal of Poetry and Art, as well as several anthologies.  CMarie is a regular columnist for the Inlander, the Translations Editor for Broadsided Press, Non Fiction Editor for High Desert Journal, and Director of the Elk River Writers Conference.  She resides in the mountains of West Central Idaho.

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Young Writers Contest in Full Swing!

We invite young writers (ages 13-19) to take the Writing for Peace challenge to develop empathy through creative writing. Winners will be published in our international journal, DoveTales, and the Grand Prize Winner will win $200. Check out the guidelines here.

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Tina Schumann Joins Sunday LIVE

By Juniper Moon, Writing for Peace Artist-In-Residence and Sunday LIVE Host

This broadside was one of my first few, and designed and printed for the Rainier Writing Workshop at Pacific Lutheran University. The type is heavy on the page, the metallic ink blend appears like fairy dust in some places, it was I believe my first project trying out the polymer process with my own artwork, and it was printed in August 2011.

My studio then was in an unheated garage and I printed by c-clamp light at night because I worked full time and had three kids at home.

My exhibit however many years ago showed the progression of my abilities and eventually linoblock carving prowess together with orchestrating the whitespace in new ways.

All the while over those same years, Tina was orchestrating her words on the page, and creating so much contemplative beauty that it demands not only its own expanse of whitespace to honor the words and let them breathe but your attention. They demand and deserve your attention. You will not be disappointed if you choose to spend time with us this evening.

About Tina Schumann:

Tina Schumann is a Pushcart nominated poet and the author of three poetry collections, Praising the Paradox (Red Hen Press, 2019) which was a finalist in the National Poetry Series, Four Way Books Intro Prize, and the Julie Suk Award, Requiem. A Patrimony of Fugues (Diode Editions, 2017) which won the Diode Editions Chapbook Competition and As If (Parlor City Press, 2010) which was awarded the Stephen Dunn Poetry Prize. She is editor of the IPPY-award winning anthology Two Countries. U.S. Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents (Red Hen, 2017). Schumann’s work received the 2009 American Poet Prize from The American Poetry Journal, finalist status in the annual poetry contest, as well as honorable mentions in The Atlantic and Crab Creek Review. She is a poetry editor with Wandering Aengus Press, and a graduate of the Rainier Writing Workshop.

Her poems have appeared widely in publications and anthologies since 1999, including The American Journal of Poetry, Ascent, Cimarron Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, The Midwest Quarterly, Nimrod, Parabola, Palabra, Poetry Daily, Poemeleon, Rattle, Verse Daily, and read on NPR’s The Writer’s Almanac.

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