Pandemic Solidarity, Friday Live Series, and Resistance Swag

A word on pandemic solidarity. After weeks of missing loved ones, strained budgets and toilet paper shortages, sterilizing everything that comes through the door, and (for many) homeschooling, it’s natural to be tempted to let our guards down. Dear writers for peace, we hope you’ll stay strong and continue to practice social distancing. This too will pass, and with it’s sorrows and horrors, there will be new insights that guide us on our individual paths as writers. Stay safe, and together we’ll persevere, refine our craft, and emerge on the other side with increased power of the pen.

To that end, Writing for Peace has started a new Friday Live Reading Series on Zoom. Hear extraordinary writers read and discuss their work in a casual community environment that encourages your questions and participation. Our first Friday Live Reading was last Friday with E. Ethelbert Miller. You won’t want to miss our next Friday Live Reading with poet and activist Wang Ping on May 15th, at 8pm (EDT). She’ll read and discuss her new book, My Name Is Immigrant and answer your questions. The Zoom links and passwords will go up on our calendar and you’ll find all that information in our post next Monday.  Be sure to check frequently as our Friday Live line up takes shape. Also, find the event invite on our Facebook page and let us know you’re coming. We hope to see you and hear your questions at all our readings!

2020 Upcoming Friday Live Readings, 8pm EDT

May 15, Wang Ping

May 29, Veronica Golos

June 12, Djelloul Marbrook

July 10, Stephen Kuusisto

July 24, Martín Espada

August 21, R. L. Maizes

Writing for Peace Swag

In honor of our coming Resistance DoveTales, we’ve created a line of T-shirts, hoodies, and bags with the resistance protest sign you’ve seen at marches. Social distancing may prevent us from marching shoulder to shoulder for a little while, but the resistance continues. Check them out at our new Writing for Peace Swag store. And thank you for supporting Writing for Peace.

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