From Elissa Tivona, Peace Correspondent Editor-in-Chief:

                                                                                                 December 27, 2016

Dear Peace Correspondents and fellow Writers,

I write to extend warm greetings for the New Year . . we made it!  With the  solstice past, we are now spinning toward the light and becoming  re-committed to our work as peace builders in the world.  With that in mind, I reach out to you with glad notice of  the second edition of our tri-annual column, the  Peace Correspondent, and an update to our theme and new assignments.

Given the stunning socio-political upheavals of the past months, the editorial board has made timely changes for this coming issue. We have expanded the theme and extended the deadline (to after inauguration) to address current and critical issues moving into 2017.

The revised theme for the second Peace Correspondent follows, and, as always, we encourage reporters to interpret this creatively, while maintaining high standards for good reporting.  THEME: identity (gender, ethnic, racial, other) as nations tip to the political right

 In the broadest terms, we’re reaching for:

(1) stories to help readers understand real, anticipated or perceived threats to vulnerable and at-risk communities  (Please privilege interviews rather than personal opinion.)

(2)  stories to illuminate  creative solutions that communities are  putting in place to protect the safety and the rights of themselves and others.

As before, I’m attaching submission guidelines for Feature assignments and the popular Spotlight on Solutions.  Specific Assignment sheets for Features will be forthcoming in the next week. Of course, you are welcome to “pitch” different or alternate features as long as they relate to the theme.  NOTE: all writers are responsible for providing related visuals to accompany written pieces, along with appropriate photo credits. (Feel free to credit your original photos or illustrations.)

We have one other very exciting development to expand the reach of news we publish. We will be posting this edition on two platforms: the Writing for Peace platform and Our enthusiastic assumption is that by submitting your articles to the Peace Correspondent you are giving permission to appear as writers on both platforms.  The other goal for adding the popular website,, is to provide additional exposure to our stable of talented reporters with growing journalism careers.

Please, take a minute to review the revised editorial calendar and submission guidelines. Also keep an eye open for Assignment sheets and submission guidelines for features (or pitch us one of your own 700-800 word feature) on our theme.

 Strength to you and loved ones; may you enjoy every blessing of the season,

Elissa Tivona, Editor-in-chief

the Peace Correspondent



Submission Guidelines for Second issue the Peace Correspondent:

Feature Assignments:

Our second issue is focused on the theme of Identity (gender, ethnic, racial, other) as nations tip to the political right. If you are interested in writing one of our feature articles (700-850 word)  and if you re available to complete the story by the January 20, 2017 and willing to conduct personal interviews, please submit a writing sample, a 50-word third-person bio and a jpg picture. Selected writers will be notified of your feature assignment within the next week. Send these queries to with the words Peace Correspondent in the subject line.

Feature topics under consideration and available for assignment

  • Muslim communities and potential for a registry in US
  • Progressive Christians, a shrinking minority and what to do about it
  • Minority and refugee populations in France, reaction to emerging world politics
  • Trump administration: implications for women (focus on young women?)
  • The hot mess in Syria: who is responding and how
  • Reports from the inauguration

Pitch one of these or pitch an alternate theme-related Feature:

Please send a brief letter describing the 700-850 word feature.  Specify how you will highlight the theme for this edition.  Describe the angle you will pursue.  And, specify the people you intend to interview for the feature.  

Send Us Your Pitch: Spotlight on Solutions

Please send a brief letter describing the up to 450-word Spotlight on Solutions story that you are pitching for the Peace Correspondent column. Choose a compelling, theme-related story specific to your region. In addition, please include a one paragraph writing sample, a 50-word third-person bio, and a jpg picture. Selected story writers will be notified within the next week. Send your pitch to with the words Peace Correspondent in the subject line.

For those of you just getting started in the journalism genre, please checkout The Peace Correspondent Resources pages. We’ve posted numerous resources and samples to help build your confidence and encourage you to reach out to sources.

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