Editor-in-Chief, Elissa Tivona

Elissa Tivona, board memberElissa J. Tivona is a renegade journalist who believes media can be part of the solution to achieving sustained peace. She helped establish the Peace and Reconciliation minor at Colorado State University: and she developed the innovative curriculum for the program’s core course, Education for Global Peace, as well as curriculum for a new Journalism offering at CSU, Journalism, War and Peace. Along with her work as an educator, Tivona writes for both academic and popular publications. She is an active volunteer, including: serving on the Board of Writing For Peace; vice-president of the United Nations Association, Northern Colorado Chapter; consultant to Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, an NGO building sustainable homesteads and right livelihoods in collaboration with the Lakota people; and longstanding convener of multi-faith peace advocates in Northern Colorado.


Associate Editor, Andrea W. Doray


Andrea W. Doray is an award-winning journalist, author, poet, and essayist in Denver, CO, and is a columnist for The Denver Post through their Colorado Voices panel. Her weekly opinion column, Alchemy, which appears in Colorado Community Media newspapers, has received a first-place award from the Colorado Press Association. Doray has authored several children’s books and has been anthologized in short story collections for kids. She is a member of the Young Writers Program faculty at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, and guests in K-12 and college classrooms as a creative writing and language instructor. Doray received her M.A. in Communication from the University of Northern Colorado, where she was honored with the institution’s Outstanding Young Alumna award. She trained with the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan in 2010. She advocates for human rights, civility, freedom of the press, and funny stories, and she blogs, tweets, and talks in her sleep about all of the above.


Associate Editor, Melody Rautenstraus

Melody RautenstrausMelody Rautenstraus is a graduate of Colorado State University, where she studied journalism, French, and international studies. She served as Associate Editor of the 2016 DoveTales and, in addition to her editorial role on The Peace Correspondent, will serve as Writing for Peace’s  Youth Summit Coordinator.

Melody’s avid curiosity for life and learning instilled an innate interest in other cultures from a young age. Growing up with travel agent parents, she accompanied her parents all over the world, hosted many foreign exchange students, and learned to celebrate diversity. In college she studied abroad at La Sorbonne in Paris, and it only amplified her love for people and their different backgrounds. Additionally, Melody loves writing (both creatively and academically), singing, and enjoys learning about social and political issues. She is delighted to work with Writing for Peace on such an important cause, and is confident that we can pave our way to peace together.


Technical Adviser, Carmel Mawle

Carmel Mawle is the founder of Writing for Peace and serves as President of the Board of Directors.

Carmel Mawle is the founder of Writing for Peace and Editor-in-Chief of DoveTales, an International Journal of the Arts. Mawle has a varied career that includes piano instruction, women and children’s self-defense, as well as and traditional Hayashi-Ha Shito Ryu Karate and Kobudo (weapons) training. Mawle has served as executive director of a youth orchestra, and as president of a chamber music organization.

Mawle’s work has appeared in Smokelong Quarterly Review, KNOT Magazine, SPACES Literary Magazine, Lucid Moose’s “Like A Girl” Anthology, Mom Egg Review, Shake The Tree Anthology, When Women Waken, and is forthcoming in Coda Crab Book’s anthology, Peace: Give it a Chance.



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