Peter Street

Oak          Quercus robur 

I’ve been here since England began.
When you see me, you see a tree,
not something bent over
all the time.
Come on, stand up straight!
Let’s see what you are made of!
You Japanese Cherries all look the same
with your little confetti bows.
All your good for’s
wedding and coffee tables.
Ships! We became ships,
and went to places you’ve never even heard of,
whether they liked us or not.

From Earth Talks (Caparison Press), in which Peter Street addresses what amounts to a war against the natural world.



summer of ’40
as though it was 
remember rocking 
like in rowing boat 
but something 
more solid   huge  
full of others ready 
to run into the black 
while watching hundreds 
floating towards the light
and i began smelling brown  


Adviser Peter Street is a a national and international poet/writer and Royal Literary Fund recipient. He was writer in residence with BBC north when the Balkans war began and went there as a war poet while working for the BBC. Diagnosed with autism six years ago at age 64, Street believes his incredible life is in large part thanks to his autism. A qualified Arboriculturist and environmentalist who writes on Green issues, his book Trees Will Be Trees was published with Shoestring Press. He launched his last book, Listening to The Dark, at the Albuquerque Lit Festival, where he appeared during a tour of Midwest America funded by Professor Fred Whitehead, retired. Preeta Press published his memoir: Hidden Depths: Life and Loves of A Young Gravedigger. Street was recently interviewed with the BBC “1800 Seconds on Autism” and Readers Digest interviewed him about his work as someone with five successful poetry books with an international readership. John Harris, in his Guardian Weekend stated, “Peter Street was the most interesting person I have ever interviewed.” Check out his website at



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