Matthew J. Andrews

Robert Bal
twenty twenty
a chariot still travels
in every ban

Kayla Blau
Good Luck Charm
On Becoming White

Rakesh Bhadang

Rana Bitar
The Shades Of Black

Shantha J. Bunyan
When The Sky Fell
I Used to Dream #19
Haiku on Air Quality and Equality

Kitty Carpenter
Fish-Mouth Dark
Everywhere Divine

Ann Cefola

Edward D. Currelley
Black Lives Matter and Always Have

Lorraine Currelley
Do White Mothers Cry?

Judy DeCroce
Through the Night
A City Turning Its Back

Maija Rhee Devine
Death By Sex, Death By Corona

Andrea W. Doray
Justice Sleeps
Jasmine, Blogging

Lemachi Enweremad
a life lived black

Jean Fineberg
He Shot Somebody on 5th Avenue

Trish Fuentes-Jimmie

Sally L. Fulton
A Senator’s Choice

Mythri Gandrothu
A part of neither world

Erika B. Girard
Sticks, Stones, and the Real Weapons

Suzyn J. Gonzalez

Karina Guardiola-Lopez
I Can’t Breathe

Armando Guerrero Estrada
We, the Hidden People

Andrew Harris

Jacqueline Jules
The Wisdom of Trees
The Little Girl in the Picture

Ken Karakas
White Privilege

Paula Kaufman
Cutting Turf

Kristina Kryukova
Look up, above yourself
The voice

Renee Labonte-Jones
Ascension as a Mixed-Bag

Rex Lambert
Requiem for A Dream

Laura Mahal
Advice for a Mother

Emily Mazan
Piecewise Function: A letter to my Country

Linda McCauley Freeman
The Women Before Me
I Am A Nasty Woman
Dream (Nov 19. 2017)

Sandra McGarry

Ju-Woo Nho
With One Voice
World Peace: It Begins with You and Me
The Fire Within My Heart

Charlotte Papacosma
America Is Not Bulletproof

Greig Parker

Sarah E. Pennington
Raised Right

Alena Podobed
Curtains of Spider Webs
In the End

Susana Praver-Pérez
Cleaning House
Castles in the Air
Just Breathe

James Redfern
Color Inside the Lines

Tatiana Retivov
Love In Times of War

Althea Romeo-Mark
Inside Out
Aunty (On Robben Island)
Myths That Once Crushed Our Freedom

Kathryn Sadakierski
Piece de Resistance
Peace in the Time of Quarantine

Jocelyn Sauceda
Midnight Prayers

Olivia Stogner
Nun Will Stand
Light the Fire

Saranya Subramanian
after the riots

Jacqueline Trimble
Running in America
Kneeling Is No Longer An Option

Bänoo Zan
Tell my story

Kuo Zhang
A Story Shared by My Taiwanese Friend
Face Mask Stories

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