Rachel Blum

A Meaning of Angels

In the subtle birth we forget in hunger
to recover glimpses

in the shine of my wet hair
at the margin of my sadness

or leaning to touch
pain and in the bend

a memory of light
in jars of water

across laps
the flowering pools

    I feel sure
    transparency holds



Sometimes life is like:  Jane
leans down to cover my eyes

the sting of tears begins in eyes
but the width of crying is in the mouth

a forest animal stretching awake
in four walls of throat

A figure with the authority of a garden
transfers the body’s song

and blood stands on the bridge to the heart
humming before entering

You are beautiful         


Rachel Blum’s first full length collection of poems, The Doctor of Flowers, was published in 2018 by 3: A TAOS PRESS. Her poems have recently appeared in literary magazines including Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, American Literary Review, Taos International Journal of Literature and Art, and Saint Katherine Review.



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