Rose Nielsen

Sometimes peace resides in a peanutbutter and banana sandwich

The tenants rallied around the girl when her parents did not come home from the protests. The babysitter’s mother took her in; the couple who owned a shop fed her all her favorite foods from their stocked shelves; the landlord moved her little bed into the babysitter’s apartment. After four days with no word, the parents returned, bedraggled and bruised. Within minutes they were reunited with their child and began to tell the friends their story of harsh authorities and interrogation, separation and sleepless nights. When asked why they didn’t call, they said they were afraid their child would be taken away if they had revealed they had someone at home to worry about. They trusted their neighbors to look after her. She stood on the father’s lap, her arms around her mother’s neck, and said, “I knew you’d come back.”


Rose Nielsen is a poet and fiction writer who loves nature, an instructor, musician and a physiotherapist from Nelson, BC, Canada, with certificates in Adult Instruction, Mental Health and Addictions, and a master’s degree in creative writing. She has published work online and in print journals, CV2, RiverLit, As It Ought to Be, NonBinary Review and in an anthology of Mississippi River poetry, Down to the Dark River.

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