Sally L. Fulton


A Senator’s Choice

All feelings, harsh and gentle lie deep within your heart
and hold the fervent certainty which asks for faithful action.
Which choice justifies the pledge to take his part
and with blind commitment endows your dogged passion?
To justify those zealous measures which you choose
and be impelled, judicious reason halts.
That angry fire first you felt, you dare not lose
but in your better wisdom realize its faults.
Your misguided actions protect a ruthless place,
a wound within your heart which you could chance to heal.
To ignore such pain would lead to honor’s waste,
so now admit the nation’s wounding and reveal
with courage, and know that choosing what is right
is better than to flourish and win the unjust fight.

Sally L. Fulton attended Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, earning a certificate in Contemplative Arts in 2004 with an emphasis on poetics.  Naropa is a Buddhist University and her engagement in many socially progressive programs and Buddhist practice influences Sally’s poetry. Her first book of poetry, My Life So Far: Breathing Lessons was published in 2018 and was awarded first place in the poetry division of the EVVY Awards through Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association.  Her poetry is included in the 2018 anthology, Bombay Gin, published by Naropa University.

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