Sharvari Deshpande

First Place, Poetry: “In The Valleys of Kashmir,” by Sharvari Deshpande

Grade, SYBA, S P College, Pune, Maharashtra, India


In The Valleys of Kashmir


Snowflakes on the red ground

And bullets instead of flowers

Paradise on earth now not found

And the land prone to blood showers


Tiny eyes and pink cheeks

Land of beauty, now a warzone

Afraid little minds witnessing terrible weeks

Facing the odds, all alone


Deprived of opportunities, dwindled ambitions

Their home, once a heaven

Destroyed for conceited reasons

History of their land in complications woven


Thousands of lives trapped in political games

Recalled only on some important dates

Responsibility of none, yet too many claims

Just a line on paper, deciding their fates


Life of normalcy, a cherished dream

Their present is occupied by terror

Tears demanding the freedom they have never seen

Is this our country’s true mirror?



“I was browsing the internet one day when I came across the ‘Writing for Peace Young Writers’ Poetry Contest. I read more on the website and I decided to submit my entry for the same.”

To begin with, I am an artist and I love to express myself through my paintings. But there was a point in my life when I was feeling low and that is when writing, through the medium of words, came to me as a supporting friend. I began writing by expressing myself, and then I started to elucidate my feelings about my surroundings and social issues through it.

I aspire to be a civil servant, so that one day I have the authority to bring change in the society and work for its betterment. I want to help those children dream who cannot afford to dream in their current conditions. And that is my ultimate goal.

I feel that my writings and the work that I will do in my future can contribute to bring this change and make someone’s tomorrow better!


I’ve never been to the state of Kashmir. I know Kashmir is an integral part of India yet the people there aren’t experiencing what other fellow Indians are – Freedom. Whatever I know is through the articles and news. And yet, even though it is a disputed land I feel it’s like my home. A land I care about. People I care about. I live in a very safe environment. Children of my age there don’t.

This taught me to thank the universe for this life which seems like a luxury.



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