Suzyn J. Gonzalez



Have you heard the theory
that this is all a video game?
Buddha called it illusion
and Plato called it shadows in a cave
but I’ll tell you why
I buy the video game story.
Because it seems to me
that there are two types of people.
Folks who are playing
a zero sum game
where to get is to take
where more for me is
less for you
and yet they are happy
to take and take
as if winning were actually a thing
as if the points mattered.
And then there are
the artsy-fartsy folks
like me
who would rather listen to
Coltrane than kumbaya
but we’d really, really like it
if no one was starving
or locked up in cages
or told that because of
their skin
or god
or the shithole they came from
that they were less than human.
We are rocking our Dr. Bronner’s soap
screaming ALL ONE ALL ONE
we are all one.
I’d rather be a tiny part of a magnificent whole
than master of a universe that adds up to zero.
And yet, it takes two to tango.
Indeed, here we are
zero-sum and all one
a couple of zeros
four ones
another zero and a one
writing the code
for this game.

Suzyn J. Gonzalez has published essays and stories online, in Montgomery Magazine and Knitty, and in anthologies such as District Lines vol. II, For the Love of Knitting, and Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales.  She is the editor of the anthology Knit It Together. She lives near Washington, D.C.

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