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Se Eun Pak’s “A Bloody Battle” Nonfiction Finalist and Other W4P News

Read 2020 Young Writers Contest Finalists Pieces In Our July Blog

Congratulations to Se Eun Pak, whose essay “A Bloody Battle” came in as one of two 2020 Young Writers Contest Nonfiction Finalists. Se Eun Pak is in grade 10 at Yongsan International School of Seoul in South Korea. Read her essay in full here.

Friday Live Reading Series

 (photo by David González)

Our last Friday Live Reading, on July 24th, featured Martín Espada who read from his forthcoming book, Floaters, published by W.W. Norton.  Martín Espada is our Featured Writer for the Resistance Edition of DoveTales, An International Journal of the Arts, which launches on August 1st. If you missed his reading, you can watch it here.

Our next Friday Live Reading features Peter Balakian. On Friday, August 7th, at 8pm ET, Pulitzer Prize winner Peter Balakian will read from his work and discuss poetry of witness.

Learn more about Peter Balakian and his work here.

Resistance, Our Summer DoveTales Goes Live August 1st

Brad Wetzler, Guest Editor

As systemic racism and police brutality threaten Black Lives, as nationalism and authoritarianism runs rampant, as the U.S. Homeland Security and Border Patrols turn against American Citizens and detained immigrants, asylum seekers and prisoners of all ages face the Covid-19 virus behind bars, as we are forced to battle disinformation and government apathy during a world pandemic, Resistance is what writers for peace do. Mark August 1st on your calendars to immerse yourself in the powerful work of writers, artists and photographers who remind us that we are all in this together.

As Guest Editor, Brad Wetzler says,

History’s greatest peacemakers, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, have taught us that peace is never passive. Sometimes those of us who love peace must do more than be living examples of peace. We must act, do, rise up, bang the gong, take to the streets. It’s obvious that now is one of these times. By any peaceful means necessary, we must resist the backdoor decisions and cruel acts of power-mongering politicians and corporate leaders who would create suffering for the world’s citizens, especially the vulnerable and powerless. We must use our voices and vast numbers to stop the madness and bring attention back to the one thing we all share in common: our humanity.

Keep writing, keep resisting. Stay safe and well.

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